From classrooms to glass rooms

The exciting change for students from campus to corporate (C2C) is also a challenging one. Smoothly navigating the new office or work environment requires different social, procedural and communication skills. ishara C2C works with students, parents, schools and colleges to provide holistic training, coaching and mentoring for students that are approaching the C2C transition.

A unit of Sudhir Udayakanth Domain Private Limited, ishara C2C focuses on soft skills and life skills. Young adults require to expand their potential in any work environment beyond their alma maters.

Soft skills at the core of consistent success

Given two candidates with equal technical merit, employers will assess additional non-technical value while hiring. Even within the corporate system where one is part of a team, good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills are crucial to achieving results.

ishara C2C bridges the gap between campus and corporate, engaging early with students to build and strengthen self-esteem, time management, presentation, stress management, motivation, planning and organizing, and team building skills. The result is a calm and confident young adult on her or his way to recognition.

The dream team

The highly trained and accomplished trainers, mentors and coaches at ishara C2C work with educational institutions to groom students to effectively start and progress in their chosen careers. The team interacts with successful companies and researchers market trends to train productively and innovatively.